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Woman Standing on Docks


Components of Program:

Support- You are not alone. Receive validation and support from a facilitator who was once affected by anxiety, and from group members who are currently struggling to manage anxiety, depression, or self-esteem issues. Sharing your experience, being understood, and hearing others’ stories is just as powerful as anything you will experience throughout this group. We all fear that no one will possibly understand what we are going through, so we internalize and stay silent. Unfortunately, silence and isolation lead to shame and further feelings of inadequacy. Sharing your experiences, being heard, and being validated, nearly immediately kills this feeling of shame, inadequacy, and loneliness. This is the first step to reclaiming your power!


Psychoeducation (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)- In order to slay anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, etc., you first must study and understand: what IT is, why you experience IT, how IT manifests, and how to slay IT! We cannot solve a problem that we do not fully understand. This is where we understand all parts of the equation before we start to solve!



Relaxation Training- This is the part where you learn healthy ways to be in control of your thoughts, your emotions, and regulate your physiology. Using cognitive behavioral therapy methods, you learn to: identify, challenge, and replace unhealthy thinking patterns.  Using various relaxation methods, including meditation, mindfulness, muscle relaxation, and breathing exercises, you will start to train your body to feel relaxed!

To learn more, or to register for upcoming group, contact Ryan Helton at 480-249-8511 or [email protected] 

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