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About Ryan

First and foremost, Ryan, a Phoenix-native, is a devoted husband, father of three boys, and friend. Next, Ryan is an individual who has dedicated his life to help others turn trials and tribulations into poignant, life-defining moments that soon become their source of strength. Ryan has a knack for helping others discover their unique gifts, both, innately, and through life experiences.

Ryan studied family dynamics, child development, and the turbulence of adolescence at Arizona State University and completed his Bachelor of Science in Family and Human Development/ Child Development. Upon completion of his bachelor degree, Ryan went on to work with teens and parents of teens in a number of different roles (educator, paraprofessional counselor, peer support, motivational speaker). Ryan worked for St. Joseph's Hospital's court-ordered Wake Up! Youth Program for several years and served as a paraprofessional counselor for teens that were in trouble with drugs and alcohol. He also worked for local non-profit organization, notMYkid, and served as an alcohol education program coordinator. He educated parents on psychosocial issues that affect adolescents. He provided motivational speaking to ~10,000 middle school and high school students across the valley on "Breaking the Cycle" of addiction and "Finding Your Outlet" to overcome the internal and external pressures of adolescence. Ryan has experience working with women and men overcoming all issues related to domestic violence. He has extensive training and experience doing career and educational counseling for adolescents and adults. Most currently, he worked as a school-based mental health therapist, working with adolescences, parents, as well as facilitating groups, on issues including: self-harm, substance abuse, family and peer conflict, internalizing and externalizing behaviors, gender identity, abuse, and any other issue imagined. He also served on the board for the National Huntington’s Disease Society of America where he oversaw Arizona’s family support services for those struggling with neurological disorders, as well as facilitated support groups for caregivers of patients.

Ryan relishes in opportunities to work with individuals who have come to a point in their lives that have caused them to ask existential questions, such as: "Who have I been, who am I, and who do I want to be?” What have I been doing for the last ___ years? What do I want to do now, and in the future?", "Am I living a meaningful, purposeful life?” etc. Some of the events and/or points in people's lives that often bring such questions, include: adolescence and young adulthood, relationship problems, loss of job or unhappiness with job, loss of significant other/relative, substance abuse/dependence, and many other circumstances.

Ryan counsels from a genuine, authentic place. His greatest strengths are: normalizing and validating feelings, helping to find peace and meaning amidst perceived chaotic situations or events, uncovering personal strengths, helping people to forgive and let go of past hurts or disappointments, reducing anxiety through mindfulness practices, identifying and expressing feelings, learning healthy communication and conflict resolution skills, and lastly helping individuals discover their inner strength and power to accomplish any task or goal. Ryan also specializes in the use of music and writing in therapy and feels these mediums are powerful ways to express oneself in ways we may not otherwise be able to express.


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